She Still Believes in Love is a CD of original songs to be released January 2017. The 13 original songs written by Howard and Celina Wright over the span of many years, vary in music styles and form. Producing a CD is all about listening; to the music, to our engineer and to each other. The year of arranging, recording, mixing and mastering were some of the most creative times of our lives and we're grateful to Darvis Taylor and Rikki Swinn for their efforts to help us sound our best.

It’s also about listening and responding to the muse in the room to get it right. Most of the songs are about us, or things we’ve experienced – no spoiler alert necessary here!  circle in the rich artistic community here.

We're excited to be collaborating with composer, Richard Heironymus too!

We are back on the calendar at the Rumor Mill in Friday Harbor and look forward to playing there on alternate Sunday nights.

San Juan Golf and Tennis Club

Sunday, May 21st        5:00-6:30

806 Golf Course Rd, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Rumor Mill Friday Harbor

Sunday, May 21st        7:00-9:00

Sunday, June 4th         7:00-9:00

Sunday, June 18th       7:00-9:00

Thursday, June 22nd   7:00-9:00