Dog on Boatwith Skylark Musica and Django the Talking Dog

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Now that we've nailed down a deal on our Ocean Alexander, we can begin our blog, to which we will add content as often as possible without going overboard - literally!

Since we're off of Facebook we're hoping we can keep you updated on our travels and boating adventures via this website.

For the last month and a half, we've been living in our 16' Casita travel trailer on San Juan Island, where our home is, and La Conner, where our soon-to-be boat is. Thanks to the hospitality of the Barkers and the Roths we have been able to enjoy our stay and enjoy their company and hospitality.

Tomorrow we leave with the Casita to La Conner where we will, once again, stay at the RV park at the La Conner Marina until we can move onto the boat.

We haven't agreed on a new name for the boat yet, but are leaning towards La Paloma or Skylark. We still have time to come up with a name that will reflect who we are and how we see our boat.

We are stoked to finally get to live aboard, but mostly stoked that Howard is now officially in remission from the bladder cancer recurrence we've been dealing with since December of last year.

Grateful and happy!


Welcome to our site where you'll find out what the heck we're up to, where we are and where we're headed! Woof!

We finally sealed the deal on a 50' Ocean Alexander Mark 1, the BUENAVENTURA. We'll be moving onto the boat as soon as the money's in the bank and the keys are in our hands. It's been a long and sometimes tenuous journey, but all in all, worth every turn and twist to get this beautiful yacht.

After a long, cold, hard winter with 6 weeks of immunotherapy for Howard's bladder cancer recurrence, we decided we needed to make a change. We didn't want to say that our get-up-and-go had gotten up and was gone! We rented out our home in Friday Harbor on a long term basis and moved into our 16' Casita travel trailer and have been staying at friends' places and in the La Conner Marina RV Resort since June 12th.

We plan to make Ship Yard Cove our home port.

We sold our Nordic Tug, the 32' Compartimos, and since February have been looking for another, bigger boat on which to live. We went to the Bay Area  to look at a Nauticat 42' motorsailer, and flew in nasty weather all the way to the North East to look at another Nauticat 42'. That boat, the Black Cat, looked worth the time and money to remedy the few things that needed fixing, but we were there to see it in very cold weather, just after the 3 Nor'easters.  By the time our boat surveyor got to look at the Black Cat, the weather was warmer and mold and mildew had bloomed into green, white and black living masses in cabinets, wooden floors, the belly of the boat and on her wooden paneling.  Our plan had been to buy the boat and take it down the east coast, hang out in the Bahamas and the San Blas Islands, visit Central America, go through the Panama Canal, hang out in Mexico and then take our time going up the West Coast  and bringing the boat home to Friday Harbor.

Since then, we have realized that what we want most of all is to be living on a boat in the north west as soon as possible and get up to Alaska in 2019 to see the glaciers before they're gone. So, this is where we're at today.

In this blog, you'll see images and videos of our travels, read about how we are building our life on the water, get cooking tips, music lessons, see art projects turn into art pieces and more or less be a part of our boating experience, however vicariously.

You'll also get to learn about our music as we are still playing wherever we can and selling our CD, "She Still Believes in Love". See the music page at this site.

We're excited to keep learning about blogging, learning our boat and her systems and mostly just getting out on the water.