Today’s entry is made from the fly bridge of the Buenaventura, just before noon, at the Load Dock in the Port of Friday Harbor.
Yes, we finally made it to our home port where we will spend the winter and hopefully do some winter cruising.
We haven’t got our Bullfrog dingy yet, so staying in a slip is the only real option for us at this time.
So, backing up a little, here is an entry I began writing but never published….


The adventures in boat maintenance and modifications begins with a decaf latte and my computer as I try to express to ya’ll what it’s been like for us in our new life on the Buenaventura.
We’ve kept Steve Ibbetson, of Ibbetson Yacht Solutions, busy enough to have to bring in a few extra hands to switch out toilets, bring the generator into a safe operating status and remount the two new John Deere engines.
Thanks to Steve, we’ve engaged a talented carpenter, Frank Lindell, for a few wood based projects like a beautifully crafted foot stool/storage shelf for the helm table area, drawers for the galley, a spice bottle holder, drawers for the cabinet in the saloon and more.
We’ve come a long way since our last entry, although the only real movement the boat has made is the natural sway and bob that comes with the current and tidal changes while we are docked in the La Conner Marina.
On September 2nd we made our way to San Juan Island via the ferry to be a part of the Lakedale Resort Music Festival, featuring jazz, where Howard would be a member of a quartet led by Rich Barker.
The first stop we made was to the home of our good friends Arlen and Jacki for brunch.
Then, on to the festival, which was so enjoyable with drummer Max Holmberg, guitarist Oliver Strasser, guitarist Brian Nova, pianist Laurence Hobgood and more stunning musicians.
I even got to sit in on three numbers and boy was that FUN!
Later on that evening we made it over to Mr Believable’s to enjoy the Jazz Quintet’s gig and good food.
Since we’ve been on the boat in La Conner, whenever we take the ferry to Friday Harbor, we end up so busy, that all I want to do by the last day, is get back to the boat and have our alone/together time.

Howard and Steve drove the boat to Anacortes while Django and I took the truck there. After docking, Steve made a quick fix to our power cable and said goodbye, rushing off to meet his wife who was there to pick him up and take him back to La Conner.
That afternoon, after buying copious amounts of oil for an oil change, we boarded the 2:40 ferry to Friday Harbor and upon arriving, handed the keys to the truck to our friend, Marty, who took the truck and parked it at Shipyard Cove for us.
Then, we turned right around and walked onto the 4:15 ferry and upon arriving at the ferry landing, jumped into the waiting parked car of our friend, Chuck, for the drive back to the marina.
Dinner was soup that was one of those whatever-you-have-in-the-fridge, Lo Que Tengo Marengo!

In the morning Howard went to pick up Marty and Jeri from the ferry landing and brought them back to the boat for the cruise to Friday Harbor on the Buenaventura.
Howard is a natural at docking this big girl and did so perfectly when we arrived at the load dock between the Marina office and Downriggers.
We’ve got this side tie until the end of this week and there will be projects to do while we’re here.

Howard wanted to celebrate our move with a late breakfast at Rocky Bay Café, so after showers, off we went. Boat life always has some surprises and being flexible and open to change is paramount in your survival. For instance, in La Conner, we never had to pay for showers. Most shower facilities in marinas require tokens or quarters, or Loonies in Canada. So we had to gather our 6 quarters for 6 minutes of hot water, which came out of the showerhead like a fire hose.
But the water was good and hot and 6 minutes is actually a long shower for us.
After breakfast, we began getting the boat ready for our boat warming party that afternoon.
We made the boat a party boat with wonderful friends who all brought something to share and tons of love and support. The Mai Tais were a hit and so were my quesadillas de lengua and black forest ham and spinach pinwheels. A great time was had by all and eventually we’ll get all of them out on the water with us.

This morning is another glorious morning, the last before the weather is expected to turn grey and wet after tomorrow. We’ll be helping our friends Rich and Margaret move things from their home to their storage space which will only be used for another week or so as they expect to move into their new to them home in the Oaks.

Signing off for now, Howard, Celina and Django

Dog on Boatwith Skylark Musica and Django the Talking Dog



Ocean Alexander 50 Mk 1 (1981)
The Buenaventura is a 1981 Ocean Alexander 50 Mk 1. It is a 37 year old trawler, with all of the classic old trawler lines that are very appealing to the eye.
She has two new John Deere engines, a relatively new Northern Lights generator, new thruster, new stabilizers, new watermaker, and new electronics.
She weighs over 50,000 pounds, is 50 feet long, 15 feet wide and draws 4.5 feet.
Her main salon is aft of center, with a nice fan tail that is completely covered from the weather and is a nice place to relax.
The pilot house is raised and looks out over the Portuguese bridge and forward deck.
From the salon, another set of stairs takes to the master suite, which has a walk around queen-size bed and lots of storage for clothes, etc.  There are two heads, both with showers and there’s also a washer and dryer!